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Teeth are critical for eating, talking, and maintaining facial shape. When several or all of your teeth are missing, dentures are an excellent replacement option to restore your smile. Dominick A. Lembo, DMD, and the team at Belmont Dental Associates provide customized dentures from their offices located in Caldwell and Haledon, New Jersey. Call or schedule an appointment online today and find out the types of dentures most appropriate for your mouth.

Dentures Q & A

What are the available types of dentures?

The team at Belmont Dental Associates provides a variety of dentures to meet your specific prosthetic tooth needs. The type best for your case is outlined in your personalized dental plan.

Partial denture

Partial dentures replace several adjacent missing teeth. This type of denture attaches to your natural remaining teeth, or your dentist may place crowns on your remaining teeth to anchor the denture. Unlike dental bridges, partial dentures are removable.

Conventional denture

Conventional dentures replace all your teeth and have two parts: an upper and lower denture. The upper denture fits over your upper gums and covers the roof of your mouth. The lower denture is horseshoe-shaped to leave space for your tongue to move around and fits over your lower gums.

In most cases, you receive conventional dentures after the extraction of all your teeth is complete, and your gums have had sufficient time to heal.

Implant-secured denture

Titanium implant posts hold an implant-secured denture in place. The denture clips on to the posts for a secure fit. Implant-secured dentures are an option to replace all your teeth.

Immediate denture

Your dentist fits immediate dentures soon after removing your teeth, and your gums heal under the denture. Immediate dentures provide a quick replacement that reduces the inconveniences of living without teeth.


Healing gums often change shape as swelling recedes. Dr. Lembo relines or remakes your denture to ensure a correct fit after your gums heal.

How are dentures fitted?

When you start wearing dentures, you may find talking difficult or feel pressure. Your dentist provides detailed instructions regarding how long to wear your dentures as you get comfortable having them in your mouth.

Talk to your dentist about how the dentures feel and any challenges you face. It’s common for dentures to need adjusting for the best fit at first. Additionally, your gums and jaw may change over time, and your dentures will need relining to maintain a good fit.

How should I take care of my dentures?

The best practices of denture care start with soaking your dentures overnight to prevent the material from drying out or becoming brittle. You also need to brush the dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste regularly and brush your gums and tongue twice a day.

To learn more about dentures or get started on the path to dentures right away, call Belmont Dental Associates or use the online booking system.

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